Performance Workshop


How do we use theatre to tell the stories that matter? These workshops are for anyone - theatre practitioners, educators, community organizers, and novice storytellers - who want to create a performance out of oral history and other non-dramatic texts. Through a series of exercises and prompts combining words and movement, participants will explore and experiment with the art of crafting non-fiction narratives for the stage. These workshops provide an interactive introduction to the practice and the ethics of making theatre that draws from the lived experiences of others. No experience required.

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Storytelling Workshop


Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? These workshops are open to all who are interested in exploring the transformative potential of storytelling as a bridge between ourselves and our world. Whether it is to entertain, educate, preserve family history, or simply to convey your human experiences, storytelling is a powerful form of communication. These hands-on workshops provide participants with strategies for awakening the story within, creating a narrative structure, and finding your narrative voice. Bring your unfinished project or start something new. All are welcome.

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Oral History Workshop

Oral History

These immersive workshops introduce participants to the process of collecting and sharing the everyday stories that come out of our communities. Participants will be introduced to general best practices for conducting oral history research, with special emphasis on the techniques and ethics of interviewing members of marginalized communities. We will also explore the politics of presenting narratives as a mode of activism, advocacy, and education. Whether you are new to the field of oral history, an organizer, or educator, this workshop is open to all who are invested in the work of creating a more inclusive historical record.

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Social Justice Workshop

Social Justice

How do we use theatre to speak back to our society and illuminate a path to a different outcome? These workshops are designed to provide a framework for individuals and organizations invested in the potential of using performance for social change. We provide a detailed method for using performance as a tool to empower communities to facilitate dialogue around the issues that matter to them. These workshops support you to present work and facilitate activities that allow people from differing backgrounds to creatively engage social justice issues from multiple perspectives to imagine solutions and construct new possibilities.

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