The (M)others

Writer | Producer

The (M)others explores the stories of four women brought together by the unimaginable experience of losing a loved one at the hands of police. This documentary performance weaves together their interviews to explore the traumatic effect of the event on their lives. Through their memories, we are introduced to a young man with dreams of playing professional football, a new father just getting to know his son, a former addict on the brink of turning his life around, and a sixteen-year-old boy shot just a day before his seventeenth birthday. The (M)others brings their untold stories to the stage.

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black bird

Of Small and Black Things

Writer | Performer

Of Small and Black Things is a contemporary folktale that weaves together oral history and Ashanti folklore to tell the mythical tale of Rose; a small black bird that leaves everything she knows behind in pursuit of color. Rose's voyage across the Atlantic echoes the journey of many African female migrants, but draws on the stories of my mother and grandmother, and their respective journeys in search of opportunity as well as their struggle to find a safe place to land. As Rose encounters other black birds; African-Americans who arrived long before, her eyes are opened to a shared consciousness of what it means to be small and black in this world.

rural south africa

The Blood Sun


150 years ago, with a nation on the brink of destruction, a young girl’s prophecy promises a new dawn, a cleansing that will save her people. Her words inspire a movement that ultimately changes the course of history, bringing hope and destruction to a South African country in this true story presented by the State Theatre. Loosely based on the historic Xhosa cattle-killings in British Kaffraria between1856–1857, Blood Sun weaves together live performance and puppetry to bring this epic, unimaginable story to life.